SNE Master Research Projects Process

Projects Objective Process TIPS Project Proposal


The course objective is to ensure that students become acquainted with problems from the field of practice through two short projects, which require the development of non-trivial methods, concepts and solutions. After this course, students should be able to:


Some simple rules for selecting and completing RP's:

RP selection

RP proposal & Ethical issues

Working alone or in pairs


Feedback during RP

Fifth week

RP order



Publication of results



Faculty process:

When applying for a bachelor or master certificate the student must submit an approved copy (with a mark 6 or higher) of the student's bachelor or master thesis. Students are requested to submit their thesis for two reasons:
These rules and regulations are applicable to all bachelor- and master theses submitted to the archives of the Faculty of Science. The student hands in the thesis at the Education Office when applying for a certificate. The supervisor of the bachelor- or master final research project (and/or the Board of Examiners) may demand that the student hands over one or more hard copies of the thesis. This will be agreed on at the start of the final research project. When applying for the certificate the student submits a digital copy of the thesis of the final research project. The student has to take care that this copy is either in PDF or Word (and not a mix of both for e.g. separate parts of the thesis, cover, index, appendices).
The supervisor of the final research project must take care of two things: The Education Office only provides diplomas to students who have submitted a Thesis. Please note the role of the supervisor. The Education Office sees to it that the approved document will be filed by the library of the Faculty of Science. The thesis will be stored on the faculty's server, which also takes care of a back-up. The library transfers the thesis to the on-line catalogue (UvA-DARE), unless the supervisor has indicated that there are strong objections against it because of its confidential character. A student may decide not to actively contribute to publication on the internet. For that reason the student may request the Education Office not to publish the thesis, and the thesis will only be registered in the Faculty's archives. This procedure will be published on the program website (<>).


Project Proposal

Suggested project proposal format (to be delivered end of week 1) can be a subset of:
  1. Title, names
  2. Introduction
  3. Research Questions
  4. Related work
  5. Scope, what is in/out of scope given limitations
  6. Approach & Methods
  7. Requirements, what equipment or software is needed
  8. Planning
  9. Expected products, tools, proof of concepts, results
  10. Ethical issues paragraph (mandatory)
  11. References
Total max 4 pages.